Cattle Verification Marketing Programs

High Plains Cattle Supply Expands Service Offerings to Include Cattle Verification Marketing Programs

We are excited to announce we have aligned with Ranchers Connecting Ranchers of Willows, California to offer third-party, value-added verification marketing programs for cattle producers in the High Plains and Rocky Mountain regions.

“We are continually looking for opportunities to offer services that help our customers increase productivity, profitability, and sustainability,” says Robert Farnam, owner of High Plains Cattle Supply. “The addition of verification marketing programs allows us to help cattle producers gain a competitive edge, whether they’re marketing their cattle domestically or globally. We are especially pleased to work with Ranchers Connecting Ranchers; we strive for simplicity and cost effectiveness and Ranchers Connecting Ranchers’ family-owned business model aligns with ours. It is a win-win for our customers.”

Ranchers Connecting Ranchers is a USDA process verification company owned by two father-daughter teams who have been in the cattle industry for many years. As cattle ranchers who have utilized the verification marketing programs in their own operations, they understand the opportunities available through these programs and have built a company dedicated to simplifying the process so their fellow cattle producers can easily and consistently add value to their operations.

“Customer service is our number one goal which is why we’re committed to helping ranchers and feed yards add value to their operations with a simple, streamlined process that keeps them informed every step of the way,” says Herb Holzapfel, co-owner of Ranchers Connecting Ranchers. “All producers should have the opportunity to capture the benefits of these programs, and the process should be informative and simple. We are driving our business forward to meet the needs of consumers, and producers. High Plains Cattle Supply has the same forward thinking and is a natural alliance that allows us to serve producers in the Midwest.”

High Plains Cattle Supply will offer multiple verification programs including:

  • Source & Age Verification – Ranch
  • Source & Age Verification – Feedlot
  • Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC)
  • Saudi Arabia Export Verification
  • China Export Verification
  • RCR Natural
  • Feedbunk Ready Vaccination Verified

Ranchers Connecting Ranchers has developed a simple flat rate fee structure, unlike the typical base fee plus per-head fees offered by other verification providers in the industry. This producer-focused fee structure reduces the overall cost for producers while allowing them to meet basic identification requirements and reach premium markets that require specific production assessments. High Plains Cattle Supply will offer the flat rate verification programs and hands-on guidance through each step of the auditing process.

Cattle producers in the Rocky Mountain and High Plains regions can enroll in the verification marketing programs by visiting and completing the online enrollment form.



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