RioMax Protein Tubs

Whether you are a commercial cattleman, a mom-and-pop outfit, or you run a purebred operation, Rio Nutrition is all about enabling you to use the best of the best for less! The low, controlled consumption ensures that Riomax is actually cheaper to feed on a cost per day basis.
Rio Nutrition uses high levels of top quality ingredients, and build their formulas to a results benchmark rather than an upfront price benchmark. The result? A product range that is a no-brainer to cattlemen watching performance, production – and their dollar!
RioMax Protein Tubs Key Ingredients
High Plains Cattle Supply is a RioMax Authorized Dealer

Robert Farnam

Darren Post

Our Customers, and Their Herds, Love RioMax Tubs

  • I have used Rio Nutrition tubs for two years. There has never been an issue with overconsumption. Overall my herd health has improved dramatically. I have always synchronized using the seven day CIDR protocal. My cows cycled so good after calving, that I eliminated the CIDRS. 80% of the cows AI on one shot of Lutilize. Over 98% pregnancy rate on 120 head during a drought year. I put my bull calves on the XLD tubs at weaning, because I have coceidiosis in the ground. It has eliminated that problem and my fertility has improved greatly. Out of 46 bulls only one failed the BSE test. Rio tubs have gone above and beyond my expectations!

    Scott Beaman Beaman's X6 Ranch
  • Rio Nutrition is a company that works for the rancher, giving them what best suits their operations. Rio custom formulated tubs better fit the needs of my cows and operation.

    Anthony Schaffert Otis, Colorado
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