RioMax Protein Tubs

Whether you are a commercial cattleman, a mom-and-pop outfit, or you run a purebred operation, Rio Nutrition is all about enabling you to use the best of the best for less! The low, controlled consumption ensures that Riomax is actually cheaper to feed on a cost per day basis.
Rio Nutrition uses high levels of top quality ingredients, and build their formulas to a results benchmark rather than an upfront price benchmark. The result? A product range that is a no-brainer to cattlemen watching performance, production – and their dollar!
RioMax Protein Tubs Key Ingredients
High Plains Cattle Supply is a RioMax Authorized Dealer

Robert Farnam

Darren Post

RioMax Protein Tubs Formulations

RioMax Pasture Plus

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RioMax Protector PG

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RioMax Protector PG-IGR

RioMax Protector XL

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