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Pearson Choice Chutes

The new Pearson Livestock Equipment Choice Manual Chute is built heavier than before and with multiple configurations available, you’re sure to find a model perfect for your operation. The longer 10′ frame on the Pearson Choice XL Manual Chute includes palpation doors on both sides that squeeze with the chute, eliminating space for calves to turn around.

  • Available in two models – standard and XL
  • Parallel squeeze from 30″ down to 9″
  • Double side exits
  • Brisket bar standard to keep animals flowing through chute efficiently
  • Easy access to animal with convenient wing gates, removable side boards, and neck door on both sides
  • Any Pearson headgate or tailgate can be mounted to the Choice chute
  • Heavy 3/16″ floor allows for optional wheel kit for portability
  • Many other options available such as bolt-on palpation cage, scales, and manual head control

Choice Chute

Choice XL Chute

Pearson Prime Chutes

The new Pearson Livestock Equipment Prime Chute is available in manual and hydraulic models. These upgraded chutes combine the strength and durability Pearson has always offered with quietness and flexibility for today’s cattle handling needs. With convenient access and time-saving features, Prime chutes are available with any headgate or tailgate.

  • Overall quieter operation
  • Parallel squeeze from 30″ down to 9″
  • Available with any headgate or tailgate
  • Brisket bar standard to keep animals flowing through chute efficiently
  • Full side exit on both sides for emergency or side release
  • 50/50 branding gates with convenient slam latches give full access to top half of the animal
  • Rump ratchet bars with high strength fiberglass bar coated to prevent splinters
  • Newly redesigned neck access door for wider and quieter access to the OBA triangle
  • Access to the bottom half of animal with convenient 60/40 bottom access doors with slam latches

Prime Chute

Prime XL Chute

Pearson Headgates & Tailgates

Pearson Livestock Equipment began with the invention of the self-catch headgate in 1965 and their line-up of headgates has grown to include manual options as well. Pearson offers three tailgate options so that no matter your needs or budget, you can customize your Pearson chute for your operation.

Gravity Headgate

Pearson Bison Handling Equipment

Combining rugged construction with Pearson’s trademark simplicity and hydraulic features, the Bison Hydraulic Chute is strong, durable, and easy to operate. The bison alley is built on the same frame as a Pearson chute, allowing full access to the animals via sheeted wing gates.

Accessories & Replacement Parts

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