Preconditioning Programs Put More Money in Your Pocket and More Pounds on the Rail

No matter where you stand in the cattle raising timeline, preconditioning will benefit you. As a cow calf operation, preconditioning allows you to sell more pounds of calf for premiums at the sale barn. Stockers and backgrounders will have less risk and disease loss if they buy preconditioned calves and feedlots will have fewer days on feed with decreased treatment costs with preconditioned calves.

There are many levels of preconditioning beginning with vaccines and deworming at branding, which you may already be doing. Another round of vaccines and deworming 2-4 weeks before shipping is the next step. One of the best ways to ensure healthy calves and healthy premiums is to vaccinate them twice and wean them at home for 45 days prior to shipment.

A healthier calf from ranch to market produces more pounds, decreases treatment costs and improves animal health and well being.


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