The Gopher Eliminator was built with large tractors in mind but is just as functional with smaller tractors. It has 2- and 3-point hookups, a well-built frame, and the components needed to withstand the horsepower of larger tractors.

The Gopher Eliminator is built with a 22″ diameter flat coulter to cut trash and roots. The shank is constructed of a 3/4″ plate and has a soil-shattering, hard-surfaced point. This replaceable point has a fin on top to help prevent slabbing and extracting large masses of soil; it flows through the ground easily.

The seed deliver system is simple and designed to minimize congestion. A long-forming tunnel has makes the bait easily accessible to the vermin; it has been hard-surfaced for maximum durability. The front flat coulter and the rear gauge / drive tire are adjustable for depth. Machine stands are mounted on each of of the 3-point bar. For larger operations, these units can be unbolted from the 3-point bar and two or more units can be mounted onto longer bars for a multiple-baiting system.

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