Take Aim, Responsibly. Get Rid of Prairie Dogs on Your Land.

Control your prairie dog population and stop the damage they cause to your land and herds. High Plains Cattle Supply is your source for Kaput, an economical and effective bait for rodent management. Kaput-D Prairie Dog bait is a lethal, efficient weapon to safely target and kill unwanted pests.

Based right here in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, Kaput is dedicated to finding ways to lower risks to non-target wildlife, including your pets. All members of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association receive discounted prices on all Kaput products. Not a member? Contact HPCS for details.

What you need to know about baiting (AS REQUIRED BY LAW)

  • Read the Label – The label is the LAW
  • Restricted Use Pesticide – You must have a valid commercial or private license to purchase the product. Prairie dog bait can only be applied by a certified applicator or persons under direct supervision of the certified applicator.
  • Baiting Season – There is a legal baiting season determined annually by each county. Endangered Species Protection Bulletins must be obtained for the proper state, county and month you are baiting in before starting.
  • For use to control Black-Tailed prairie dogs only.
  • Application Directions – Apply by hand scoop or placement machine with calibration capability. Apply 1⁄4 cup of bait at least 6” down the active burrow.
  • Carcass Searches – Applicator must return to site within four days after bait application and at 1 to 2 day intervals thereafter for at least 2 weeks to collect and properly dispose of any bait or dead or dying prairie dogs.

It’s important to note that pocket gopher bait contains the same poison, is labeled for a different species, but has none of these restrictions.

To apply for your Restricted Use Pesticide permit, visit http://www.colorado.gov/ag and search for pesticide license. HPCS is happy to help you obtain your license.


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