Kaput-D® Prairie Dog Bait (RUP) & Kaput Pocket Gopher Bait

Protect Your Ground and Get Lethal Results with Kaput®

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Kaput-D® Prairie Dog Bait (RUP) and Kaput Pocket Gopher Bait are lethal, efficient weapons to safely target and kill unwanted pests.

We carry Kaput-D® Prairie Dog Bait (RUP) and Kaput Pocket Gopher Bait in two convenient sizes: 30lb buckets or 50lb bags. We also offer Kaput Bait by the pallet.

Kaput Bait is made in America.

Kaput-D® Prairie Dog Bait (RUP) & Kaput Pocket Gopher Bait

Gopher Getters, Gopher Bait Applicator & Prairie Dog Bait Applicator

Important Information
For most of Colorado, prairie dog baiting season runs from October 01 – March 15; the season is shortened to November 01 – March 15 in the Front Range, west of Highway 85.
Kaput-D® Prairie Dog Bait is a Restricted-Use Pesticide. A state-issued Applicators License is required to purchase this bait.
Before use, please read the EPA Bulletin at www.epa.gov/espp or call 1.800.447.3813 for specific guidelines for your area. Please read the entire product label and follow all use guidelines and precautions. You must use the EPA Bulletin valid for the month in which you will apply the product.
Download the Kaput-D® Prairie Dog Bait Safety Data Sheet
Download the Kaput-D® Prairie Dog Bait Product Label

Identify and Target the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog

Kaput-D® Prairie Dog Bait (RUP) is used to lethally and effectively remove black-tailed prairie dogs from your land. Here’s a quick guide to help you recognize the main characteristics of black-tailed prairie dogs.

  • Size: 9″ – 16″ in length
  • Fur Coloring: sandy-brown to cinnamon colored fur with black tips and white to cream belly fur
  • Tail Characteristic: black or white tips on the tail, depending on breed
  • Habitat: typically found in grasslands, rangelands, and short shrub-land habitats
  • Sound: vocalizations similar to the sound of a barking dog
  • Reproduction: beginning the Spring after they are born, females produce one litter of 4-8 pups per year with a 28-32 day gestation period
  • Disease: they are susceptible to bubonic plague from the fleas they host; humans can become infected with the bubonic plague through a flea bite

Try Our Special Recipe

Our recipe makes 2 gallons. Mix all ingredients well and apply on top of Kaput-D® Prairie Dog Bait.

2 full pots of strong coffee
1 Red Solo Cup of brown sugar
1/3 cup of salt
1 bottle of maple syrup

Learn more about Kaput-D® Prairie Dog Bait. Have a question not addressed here? Give us a call today!

What happens if my dog eats Kaput?

A veterinarian can administer Vitamin K as an antidote. To put a 50 lb dog in danger, the animal will have to consume over 7 lbs of bait as compared to about 4-8 ounces of d-CON or other products with the chemical bromadiolone or difethialone.

What happens if my pet eats a rodent killed by Kaput?

Warfarin, the anti-coagulant active in most Kaput products, creates very little threat to non-target animals (University of Nebraska) and begins to breakdown in just 48 hours. However, as with any accidental consumption, always consult your veterinarian.

How long does it take to get rid of the rodent(s)?

Kaput products contain an anti-coagulant (blood-thinner), often recognized as the human drug “Coumadin.”  Our products, along with most products now available to the public, will kill the rodent within an average of 3 -5 days.

Why should I use Kaput?

The high seed content in the Kaput bait is VERY attractive to rodents. The active ingredients used in other rodenticides may only take a few ounces to kill a 50 lb dog but may remain in the tissues of the rodents for OVER 180 days. UNE says it would take over 7 lbs of the active ingredient Warfarin, in many of our Kaput products, to kill a 50 lb dog and begins to breakdown in just 48 hrs.

Who can purchase Kaput-D Prairie Dog Bait (RUP)?

To purchase Kaput-D Prairie Dog Bait (RUP) or any of the other Kaput Restricted Use Products, you must possess a state-issued Applicators License.

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